About Me


That’s me on the right, laughing with an absurd sort of wild abandon while other normal patrons attempt to enjoy a nice, quiet meal at The Henry.

Hello there! My name is Lelanie. I’m a 28 year old living in Phoenix and have been happily married for six years. No kids, but I’m hoping that changes in the near future.

As the name suggests, I tend to approach things that I enjoy with an excessive, almost manic energy that can be a little overwhelming at first. This goes for anything from eating to books to making friends. This likely attributes to the fact that I’ve been told – more than once – that the amount of food I’ve ordered is “a lot for one person,” that I will often buy multiple copies of a book I enjoy so that I can loan it out to multiple friends at once, and that I have few (though long-term) friends because my aggressive friending can be…well, aggressive.

I enjoy discussing(/debating) the merits of superhero comics, the questionable decision-making of teenage protagonists, and the antics of pop stars. I tend to crave romance in every type of media I consume. I spend a lot of time writing fanfic and daydreaming about publishing a novel. I’ve never been one to run from my feelings – I cry often and without shame, laugh loudly, hug frequently, and say “I love you” every day.